Cambridge Chauffeur Punts

Treat yourself to delicious refreshments and meals aboard one of our punting tours in Cambridge. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or are simply feeling peckish during your tour, we have some delicious, fresh meals and refreshments available for your trip.

Food & drinks

Strawberries & Champagne

If you are celebrating a special occasion, why not bring a bottle of Champagne to add a special touch to your tour.


We can provide fresh strawberries in individual bowls or platters for larger groups, for you to enjoy during your trip.

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To see our food prices, please click here. For further information about any of our food products, please contact us with any enquiries or special requests.

Food & Drinks

Delicious meals and refreshments during your punting tour in Cambridge. Call us on

01223 354 164 or

07966 157 059 today.

If you fancy something different for your punting trip in Cambridge, why not consider some musical entertainment and accompaniment from our punting guitarist, Alan. Alan and his guitar come from an extra £25 an hour, making your trip a memorable one.

Catering for all tastes in music

Whatever your personal taste in music might be, Alan can cater to all tastes including Bob Dylan, Van Morrison to Amy Winehouse and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He takes requests, so tell him your favourite tune and he'll play it!

A memorable day

Alan and his guitar music can make your punt into a memorable day. Whether it's a special occasion or you just feel like some musical entertainment on your trip, it will be a day to remember for a long time to come.

Contact us today

Contact us for further information regarding musical entertainment whilst punting in Cambridge. Our friendly team are happy to assist with any enquiries or special requests.


A troubadour Punt entertainment